Very Important Mustangs

On Sunday Itxa moved to yet another new barn - this time to enter dressage boot camp with one of the most impressive trainers and kindest people I've ever met. And for the first time in a long time I have hope for this little mare. 

She's shown brief glimpses of potential amidst so much inner turmoil, but now she's in the right hands to actually succeed. 

While I'm really so pleased that she was able to do some of this on her first day:

I'm even more happy that she did some of this: 

She had been so wound up and tense and disenfranchised the past couple months that it was really meaningful to watch her release all this stress she's been holding. She's been chewing and yawning and standing politely (for the most part) a lot since she got to her new home, and that is really a huge part of what I'm hoping to work through in the next few months. 

Beyond any goal or hope or forward looking idea, though, it was just powerful to watch her yawn and be content in this moment, and it reminds me to do the same. To dwell in this incredible present moment of being with my healthy hilarious cherub baby, my family, my friends, and Itxa. The future is completely unpredictable, but the present is full of joy. 


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