Cherry Cordial Greetings

Missed me? I've missed me! That's a bit unsettling and narcissistic, isn't it? But show me a blog that isn't a little unsettling and narcissistic, and I'll make you dinner. Please enter your dietary restrictions in the comments.

It's a couple days away from 2016, and I'm all aflutter. Rather than an unrealistic fad diet or a commitment to swear less (LOL), I've decided to attempt something much more ridiculous in the year 2016: I'm going to write every single day for the next year.

Some of it will be published here, and some of it will be published at my day gig, and some of it will be published on my instagram feed, but I'm committing myself to writing one of these three places every day of 2016, and see who I am on the other side of it.

2015 was big, what with introducing the Copper Pot into the world and flailing about somewhat aimlessly with a horse who hates life, and then quitting my full time job. So I want to be absolutely sure that 2016 is much more impossible. Add in that by the time the year is up my baby will be a toddler that walks and stuff, and this premise gets even more absurd.

But you know what? I like absurd. White bread is for chumps.


Sharron said…
I like it! The real winners will be us, out here, who get to read your funny, poignant; heartfelt and always enlightening writing. Lucky goal for us!
Lacey J. said…
Yay! This is the best news I've heard all day!

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