When the Going Gets Rough - Go to Hawaii on the Inside

Sometimes when I'm a little stressed from working three jobs and not being able to sleep and worrying about money and my dumb horse, I look at the baby somewhere in my immediate vicinity or in my arms, and I instantly feel better. She's like the human manifestation of an orange cat's purr.

But sometimes all those things are happening, and my baby is far away being babysat by a loving grandma while I sit and fester at a cubicle. For those occasions, I just close my eyes....

Okay, no, first I open my Spotify and locate the Reggae. I find the classic reggae favorites playlist, hit shuffle, and THEN I close my eyes.

Then I imagine I'm back in my sassy rental car cruising around the Kalanianaole Highway on Oahu with the windows down in March, the smell and distant sound of the ocean permeating the cabin. My fancy mini bananas are on the seat next to me, and I literally don't have a single care in the whole entire world.

I went on that trip to see my BFF get married, which is a life highlight no doubt. But rediscovering reggae, seeing the octopus on my snorkel morning, and cruising that highway have refilled my canteen hundreds of times since then and now. I can't believe how much that week has meant to me. Now I just need an excuse to go back.


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