April Fools Baby Tricks

After 24 weeks of the gestational experience, you get pretty used to 2 things: thinking about the fact that dogs only gestate for 6 weeks, and feeling a squid-like creature violate you in various charming ways from the inside out. I can't begin to explain how mixed my feelings are about this experience. Every instinct tells me it's the creepiest damn thing that's ever happened to me, and yet, I'm completely obsessed with the next time I'll feel my prodigy knocking out a bedroom wall in there to make room for a crafting space. (She's going to DIE when she finds out about Pinterest).

So this morning when I was getting ready, driving to work, and enjoying my morning tea at my desk and I realized in a panic that "renovations" were awfully quiet this morning, I started to needlessly panic like any good first time gestator. Fortunately, I have learned from friends and internets that drinking ice cold water and laying on your back can kick construction back into high gear. So I proceeded to fill my water jug full of ice and frigid water, chug it, and go lie on my back on the couch in my office ladies room.

Needless to say, in swift and merciless response to me abruptly waking her from peaceful morning slumber, the squid decided to turn the craft room into a home gym, and decided my icy-full insides were the perfect punching bag. Let's just say it was lucky I was already in the ladies room.

I'm still not totally sure which of us was the victim and which of us was the perpetrator of an April Fools joke, but certainly, everyone got what was coming to them.

In unrelated/related news, here is a picture of me looking pregnant on a beach in Hawaii on the day of my BFF's wedding. I'll be posting about this trip very soon!


donkeyhotey said…
Woo hoo, her April 1st day pranks will have her fitting right in! Love this tale...
Lacey J. said…
I can't wait to snuggle that tricksy little cage fighter!

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