Excerpts of a Horse Marriage

Said while stalking Kaley Cuoco on Instragram...

"I'd like to think that if I boarded my horse at the same barn as her, it would be nerve-wracking at first and I'd be all weird and shy, and then I'd realize she's just a normal horse person who happens to be on The Big Bang Theory, and then we'd have long talks about...poultice."


"Yeah, poultice."

"Like, herbs?"

"Well, like, horse poultice. You put it on their legs to bring down inflammation."

"Why would you want to talk to her about poultice?"

"Well not specifically poultice, I just mean... Nevermind."


Sharron said…
I would like to talk to her about hoof abscesses. Not just her, also Miranda Lambert (she's at our barn, right?) And not just abscesses, but about the ones that explode out at the coronary band vs. the ones you have to cut a hole into the sole and drain the pus out of.

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