Snakes On A Plane

Two nights ago, Jeoffrey had his first kill that I know of. He took out a rather large mosquito-like bug that had flown into our house at around 11 o'clock at night. I made the sound that a girl makes when a large flying bug flies at her hair, and out of nowhere, Joeffrey jumped off the top of the fridge, flew through the air, and gracefully nailed this bug. He played with with for about a minute before swallowing it whole. Well played, Cat.

THIS MORNING, I awoke to a bizarre crackling sound- the closest thing I can liken it to is claws on glass. It's a sound I've heard before, and I have always wondered if it might be a mouse. I'm from a ranch. Rodents are a part of life and death, so I mused over buying mouse traps as I continued to drift in and out of early morning consciousness. Abruptly, I noticed that the sound had gotten much louder- closer. I open my eyes to see Jeoffrey near the foot of our bed, staring at me with something in his mouth. I think "awesome, he caught the mouse!" which is what a good cat SHOULD do. But knowing cats, I'm guessing that the mouse is neither dead, nor entirely ready to be eaten. I'm thinking we should have a pan ready just in case.

It was around this time that Jeoffrey drops the poor creature, and it flops onto its stomach. Wings outstretched.

That's right. Wings.

2 nights ago, the cat caught its first bug. Last night, it catches a freaking-ass BAT.


Dan and I proceeded to take turns convulsing alternated with manning up, just long enough to get the bat outside using a pot. We're pretty sure its dead.

Bats live alone, right?  Like Dracula?

Now that the bat isn't in my house anymore, I feel like I have two legitimate concerns. 1) Are there more bats living in a colony in my house somewhere, and 2) What in the name of Beverly is the cat going to catch tonight?  And as a sort of followup to either of those questions, 3) Is it overkill to sleep in a catcher's mask or hazmat suit tonight/forever?


Sharron said…
Ha ha, your turn! I remember when one of our innumerable cats caught a bat and brought it inside that we took his bat (he was very upset) and took it to a vet to test for rabies, just in case... Too late for you! So if you start to froth at the mouth, etc., well, better order up Old Yeller from netflix~ Well played Jeoffrey!

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