Deep Horse Thoughts

I love that I took two days off of work for a horse show. Showcation, as I like to call it. For work, I wake up at 6 so I can go in and sit at a nice desk in business casual attire and leave at 5.

For showcation, I wake up at 5, put on a button up shirt and choker, jewelry, breeches, and impeccably shined knee boots. I try all day to keep said shirt and breeches clean while I groom, braid, muck stalls, and ride like the dickens. I will go home around 8, and do it all over again tomorrow.

But that moment after your best and hardest class full of highs and lows, when It's just you and your horse taking sweaty tack off and together you exhale the day- wow. When a 1000 pound creature cozies up and closes her eyes when you hold her head and breathe in her nose- wow. When you realize this horse doesn't know you don't own her but merely sizes you up by the sum of your lovely experiences- wow. It's hard to describe without it sounding trite, but when a horse lets you in, you never forget it.

I have made peace with the fact that my time with Minnie is temporary because all horse relationships are. It's stupid that lives change, people change, horses go lame, and that we outlive them by 50 years. But it's reality. So you take and you give while you can with all your heart.

I've only been riding her for a month, and Minnie has already given me back her part of my old broken horse soul- affection.

And stuff like that just doesn't happen at the office.


Sharron said…
That was so much fun and you two were positively lovely together! Congrats on all your ribbons and best of all your great time! Mucho proud of you and Minnie Mouse~
Dawsonfamily said…
Pictures Lorraine, Pictures!

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