A List

1. I don't want to talk about America.

2. I would like to talk about Spain. Spain was beautiful. Especially the day that I tasted Falafel for the first time, got a massage at the ancient cave baths, and went to sleep in my darling little apartment with a balcony and a cobblestone street below.

3. I don't want to talk about horses.

4. That's a bad sign.

5. I do want to talk about how weird it is that Tim Riggins is my crush on Friday Night Lights. That is absurd. Except for the long hair, which if you knew my husband sometime between 2004-2011, would make perfect sense.

6. I don't want to talk about the weather, or the fact that I planted my tomatoes too early.

7. I do want to talk about the fact that I currently wear size 8 skinny jeans. It's true, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

8.  I don't want to talk about the direction of my life.

9. Well, I do and I don't.

10. Here's the thing. You know how if you're in a boat that's supposed to have two oars, but you only have one oar, you spend a lot of time either going in circles, over-correcting, or going very very slowly?  I was one oar. And now Dan is the other oar. So now we go places faster and easier, and we have an awesome boat. I just don't know where I want to go in it.

11. Well, I do and I don't.

 12. Jeoffrey the Cat has to have this goo every other day that keeps him from getting hairballs. It's liver malt flavored, and his favorite thing in the world. He eats it out of the tube, and when he's had enough and I take it away, he stands on his hind legs and swats at me, claws out, because he is so enraged that he isn't allowed to consume all the goo. Taking away this cat's goo is pretty much the only power I have over him, and I relish it.

13. What a terrible number to stop on.


Garit D Heaton said…
I just discovered your Quote of the Week up there and had a good laugh.

I need to blog more. Blogs are great. Yours included.
Garit D Heaton said…
Also.. in case you were wondering...

Equus ferus przewalskii

The scientific name. Awesome.
donkeyhotey said…
Ha ha, I enjoyed this list immensely! Wish my stupid cats could be coerced to like anything that much so I could take it away from them. Wish I were as skinny as you. I am however, fond of the number 13...

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