Despite my immune system's plan to thwart my every ambition, I've had good successes the past few weeks.
Stressful at times? Yes. Visual payoff? Harldy. Worth it? Imma say yes, because today is a good day.

I got some good connections out of the Expo, and I did not wuss out. I actually had a great time, and I almost, and I really mean ALMOST, bought one of the trainer's challenge horses. That would have been a mistake, but a good one.

You came here for horse drama updates, didn't you? OF COURSE YOU DID.

After much back and forth, feverish delirious mind-racing torture, I decided to call mom and make her an offer.


"Hello Martha." (this is what I call my mother as of late, despite the fact that her name is not Martha.)

"Hi Stinky, whatcha doing?" (This is what my mother has always called me. It's my name.)

"Well, I was at the barn, and I think I found the perfect horse for you. I know you're still sore and you'll have to take it easy, but this is a nice horse. Older mare, 13 years old, mustang, pretty short, great on the trails, totally adorable, and she has been getting ridden all winter. The only problem is that she doesn't pick up her right lead, so she'll never make a show horse."

"Ha, how nice of you to horse shop for me. Your father LOVES that idea, I'm sure. Get MORE horses."

"Ummmm, would it help if you knew that she was free?"

"There's no such thing as a free horse-"


"Oh. Yeah, that might work."


In the end, Posie had some major question marks that could potentially stand in the way of her and I being perfect partners for each other, but those question marks meant absolutely nothing to my mother, who in the words of the Disney movie BRINK! is a "soul-rider". Like Brink, the talented in-line skater prodigy, mother doesn't ride for glory. She rides for fun. I only want a little glory. County Fair glory. Is that so much to ask?

So happy, calm, thinner Posie will go back to her real mother, to roll in the mud and scratch on ranch posts, and groom her mustang boyfriend Ralphy in the hot summer ranch sun. And I am going to be brave, and branch out. I'll start tonight by signing lease papers, and trying out every available horse for rent in the barn. Leasing grants me lessons, and leasing grants me horses I couldn't otherwise afford for awhile. How long that will last or what will come after? Don't know.

But I do know that Posie will be happier, and I will somehow learn to live without her noisy hungry chatter greeting me every day.  Her fake hysterics when I fill her water buckets. Her gooey eyes and drooped lip when I scratch her jowls just right. (who else on earth likes getting their jowls scratched??)

I feel like every horse I ride now is giving me back one piece of the complete puzzle I had with horses as a kid. Posie's piece was Laughter.

That was a good piece.

Doesn't she totally look like she is saying something condescending in this picture?

Like Tina Fey, she is not only funny, but super hot.

To quote When Harry Met Sally, "I love the way you get that
little crinkle over your eye when you're looking at me like I'm nuts."
Angry Serious Model Faces
 (you have no idea how hard it is to try and fit a whole horse head in a selfie. Pretty much impossible.) 


Dawsonfamily said…
Its always fun to mix it up and ride new horses. My sis and I always fought over who got to try out the new and usually green horses back in the day when we took lessons :) I'm sure Posie won't cry that she's headed back to the beauty of Fountain Green. We were just out that way and seriously, it is gorgeous!

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