A List

1. If strep throat and a whiteout is enough to keep you from going back and rescuing your favorite riding crop that you left in the indoor arena, you have no business riding horses. (It has this amazing squishy handle, so much better than any other crop ever.)

2. If strep throat and a whiteout is enough to keep you from going to the barn in the first place, you have no business riding horses.

3. Here is a great tip: Sometimes, if the furnace stops working, your house will get really cold.

4. When it's fixed, your house will get warm again, and you can start watching all those reality shows stored on the DVR in the coldest room in the house that is no longer cold.

5. Things that make a sore throat feel better: cough drops, tea with honey, chocolate, Ruffles, Kraft MacnCheese, and medicine.

6. Things that don't make a sore throat feel better: Juice. Why do sick people drink juice?

7. Dan has been letting me watch a great deal of RFD-TV lately.  I think pretty soon we're either going to get a horse, a cow, a tractor, or a polka band. Such is the way when you watch enough of "Rural America's Most Important Network."

8. My tea gets cold way too fast.

9. Work was so busy over College Football season, and I completely fell off the bandwagon of writing for Horse Nation. But I have a few great articles coming up soon, and I'm excited to share them with y'all.

10. I have a two hour (each way) commute when the weather is bad like today. This would be vastly improved if one could watch Romantic Comedies while driving.

11. I suddenly have the insatiable urge to have a good hard cry while watching Free Willy.

12. My barn has a music system that blasts into the arena while you ride, and some reggae came on while I was riding. Unbeknownst to me, Posie loves reggae. Best 4 minutes of the day.

13. Three musics: The Lumineers, Rose's Pawn Shop, Brandon Flowers solo album.

14. Three movies I want to see: Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

15. Three goals: Ride 3x a week, Take a class in something, Ride the train.

16. My husband is not only a bodacious babe, but he makes my most important dreams come true every day. Double threat.


Garit D Heaton said…
and just how does he feel about being publicly named a "bodacious babe"?

tee hee
Anonymous said…
Seriously, skip Silver Linings. It is NOTHING like the previews depict.

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