Winter Wardrobe

I dearly loved the sunset that graced this blog for the past 6 months. I took it from the airplane on my last visit to California, and I think the colors perfectly symbolized my adoration of warm summer nights, the glorious colors of the sunset, and my renewed connection to the American West.

When Dan and I were at a pow wow this summer, I found these earrings that looked identical to this photograph.  I wanted them, but decided to be incredibly responsible, judicious, frugal, and conscientious.

I have regretted it ever since. Stupid frugality.

The new background is a photo that was taken on my phone in downtown Salt Lake City on a date with my person. It is a detail from the door of what is now a Zion's First National Bank, but was first known as the Octogon House, built in 1857. It has been a great many businesses, been known by many names, and it once even had many more floors.  Every inch of it harks to another era, but which era is hard to say. It is a culmination of years, but timeless all the same. She's a treasure.

And you? You're a treasure. You being here on the earth and enjoying your life? Totally a treasure.

Green Tea Lattes from Starbucks? Definitely a treasure.

This weekend is my birthday, and I have never felt so grateful for the chance to acknowledge it. Life is incredibly beautiful and incredibly breakable. There is a temptation to feel guilty for being okay, for being here, for getting another birthday.  But I have a precious human life, and this year, I want to live by the words of my friend the Double Lung Transplant Opera Singer: I want to live a life worth dying for.

I'm going to spend genuine time with the people I love. I'm going to relish having Posie the Mustang near me all winter at an amazing all-indoors barn full of kind and friendly horse people. I'm going to love my body for carting my soul all over the world. I'm going to let myself change authentically. I may or may not watch less reality TV. I'm going to choose my battles, and not let Facebook choose them for me.

 I'm going to be a better writer, a better wife, a better employee, a better friend.

I'm going to be a writer, a wife, an employee, and a friend, and be proud of myself for being all those things no matter what. I'm going to tell some stories. I'm going to do some really stupid things unintentionally, and I promise that I will tell you about it when I do.

Thank you for a great year, Internets. And thanks for the LOLcats.

(Oh, and I promise that this will be my last serious and self indulgent post for awhile. If you're still here, you've earned at least 3 or 4 self deprecating tales of my humorous existence for the sludge of impending winter doom you've trudged through with me!)



Sharron said…
Wait, wait, left out Daughter? Ha ha, that's because you have no choice in the matter. I loved this post, it has lifted me up. Just like your OSEM new wallpaper from the Octogon House! I would like to clink your glass in agreement to a fab new year, may 2013 treat me a tad kinder. I have had enough betterment from adversity, now I would like to have some FUN.
padruss said…
I have no idea where you get your gift for writing and your amazing perspective when shooting pictures. You puts real good words together that make cents. I likes you fotografie two. It also makes cents. I agree with your mother too, you left out daughter and ranch hand. Better not forget that.

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