An Excerpt of Marriage

Lorraine: You will like this. "One of things about beards is that, when men reach a certain age, they'd like to see if they can grow one. It's a phenomenon I understand very well. After you get over the itchy face, you go, 'Oh, I don't have to shave, that's cool.' And then you move into the philosophical thing-- people say, 'You look weird, you have a beard.' And you say, 'No, actually, it's weird to shave.' Having a beard is natural. When you think about it, shaving it off is quite weird."
-- Paul McCartney, on his Ram-era facial hair

Dan: That is the best quote ever.
I want to put that on a plaque and hang it somewhere important.

Lorraine: I'll cross stitch it for you.



Sharron said…
That is a LOT of cross-stitching! And PMc doesn't even have any facial hair now (that much more to have to dye. Sorry to the crush of my youth, but you know it's true). Altho I did TOTALLY dig when your dad grew that same beard, Yowza!
padruss said…
I think you should cross stitch it with beard hair. Now that would be weird but also very natural or at least organic. I would grow my beard again but I would look like Santa so I will at least wait till Christmas is over and all the kids are sick of sitting on Santa's lap. I remember when I used to have a beard and I cut it off and you, Lorraine, got scared and ran away. It took several days before you would let me hold you. So I have never shaved my full face since. But I do shave my legs because it helps me swim much faster.

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