I'm standing in an unbelievable line in Lehi, Utah to vote for president. My polling place is an elementary school, and I was standing next to a 3rd grade classroom as they recited the pledge of allegiance. Damn if their sweet little voices didn't make me teary as I stood here taking stake in their little futures.

How lucky are we? How cool is this? Oh it's riddled with problems, and I still deeply regard democracy as a great experiment still finding its legs. I think we've lost enormous rights as a people, not to government, but to giant conglomerate companies, investors, media outlets. But daily we are playing ideas out against each other, with each other, for each other.

I'm a lone little liberal in a sea of conservatism, and I love these people. I love that they are here. I love that they are excited to vote for a Mormon president. I love that we can all just do this and leave crazy comments on ksl and then grocery shop together.

I worked for the Civil War Preservation Trust, and the most important thing I learned about the war in my time there was that people were willing to fight and die for principles that today, for better or worse, we merely vote for. Human rights, human dignity, federal encroachment, state rights.

I am really grateful to stand in this big long line. Is all I'm saying.


YES! Exactly. Exciting and great times :)

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