Halloween is my favorite holiday. The buildup, the anticipation, the creativity, the dark underpinnings, the cheap and industrious ingenuity required to make a costume...I love it all.  Costume inventions are always the cherry of my Autumnal Sundae- I have never bought a complete costume, and except for the very poor pajamas I made in 8th grade (should the crotch be at the knees like that?) and a pillow I made last week (thanks, Sibby!), I cannot sew. So I usually end up going through the box of bizarre things I own and taking a trip to D.I. to find whatever I don't have to make a costume which is usually so hodge podge and obscure that most people have no idea what I am.  This year will probably be no exception.

As a kid I used to be really into the dead person costumes and scary costumes (dead bride, medusa, skeleton), and then in college I tried to be "cute" (a harajuku girl, the statue of liberty, a gypsy, and once I was "fall break" which involved covering myself in fake leaves and wearing a sling, haha), but now that I am old and married, my love of dress-up has morphed into these strange homages to history. Last year I was Frida Kahlo, which I still don't feel was properly appreciated for all its awesomeness. It was uncanny. And the year before, Daniel agreed to go as The Hindenburg with a tinfoil hat and me as a dead passenger. That was a good one.

Halloween 2004 

 Halloween 2005

 Halloween 2006

 Halloween 2007

 Halloween 2009 Yes, yes I did reuse my gypsy costume. Thank you for noticing.

Halloween 2010 

Halloween 2011

This year is no exception, and while I went back and forth between two great women, D.I. made my choice for me when the perfect items presented themselves to me. I don't want to spoil the surprise (you're on the edge of your seat, I KNOW), but here is a hint from her personal journal:

"Another dry Meeting for Worship. Sometimes I feel that I would just as soon shoot myself before sitting through another such. Friend Methuselah Mills stood and spoke during Meeting – again. Why must he speak every Firstday??? And toss that infernal coin up in the air over and over whilst speaking? If I had my .22 I’d shoot that thing right out of the air. Hmmm, that gives me an idea…"

(This post may seem early, but one of my besties is throwing her annual ghoulish shindig on Saturday, where my costume shall be revealed.  GET. EXCITED.)


Sharron said…
Ha, loved the flashbacks through the years! And yes, the homage to Frieda was spectacular. Altho as you know, I was always a fan of the Statue of Liberty year! I didn't dress up once again this year, therefore I went in my usual costume: LOSER.

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