A Morning Update

1. Great breakthroughs, y'all.  I'm incredibly happy about the fact that some of my biggest and best realizations in my life right now are ones that are surprising me, and ones that are coming as the year speeds away and closes out. 2012 was CRAZY. And the things I learned in it are ones that will change the whole rest of my life, and I am so happy about it.

2. I was in the bathtub on Friday, trying to soak out a mild head cold, and I look over to see Revvy silently standing in the doorway with my spectacles in his mouth.  Trying to decide if you're going to run after a puppy soapy, naked, and cold OR be blind for a week while you wait for new glasses is a terrible position to be in. I went with option A. I now have pneumonia. (not really, but you know)

3. Spent some time at the Ranch, and saw my mom ride Posie for the first time since her injury in May. It was really nice, and I'm really happy she didn't die, and didn't have to stop riding horses, and that hopefully riding Posie all summer helped the first ride back go a little smoother. 

4.  Spent some time talking with Dad about some of his amazing stories from his many years buying antiques in the midwest. This man has more stories than Joe Biden.

5. I'm starting to think about taking advantage of Dan's free tuition benefit for both of us at UVU. I'd like to take a few business night classes. So that I can stop pretending I know what accountants do and actually know.

6. I think my time with the Friesian is coming to a close, as his owner is feeling better and the days are getting shorter and colder. I'm sad about it, but it was an experience I'll always be grateful I had. 

7. I never blogged about the Space Jump, but it will suffice to say I loved every second of it, and I cried. Also, I drink a lot of Red Bull. I know it's bad for me, and I shouldn't, but I'm really proud that my caffeine addiction funded one of the best private space projects of the early 21st century. I hope this isn't their last. 

8. This morning was certainly not my last Red Bull.

9. Or my last corn dog for breakfast.

10. And not the first.

11. This is why I'm always sick, isn't it?

12. I married a truly wonderful man, who supports my dreams and ambitions, and I will do everything in the world to support his, too.  Yesterday he spent about 5 hours in a historic latrine at the Ranch pulling out 1950's soda bottles and ceramic wares. I support his ambition to spend 5 hours in a historic latrine.

13. Even if Gov. Romney, who I do not like and will not vote for, wins the electoral and the popular vote, I would still want the Electoral college to be overhauled. Even if Pres. Obama wins the electoral and loses the popular vote, I would still want the Electoral college to be overhauled. I would rather have my least favorite candidate fairly elected than my most favorite candidate elected by someone else who will never be me because of where I live. That's all I have to say about politics at this time.

14. Here are some photos I took that I had printed for Dan's new office at UVU.  These are from our Labor Day trip to Kanab.

Elmer and Leah Jackson's Barn, Kanab, UT. 

Coral Pink Sand Dunes 

Freaking awesome moss plant monster at the Coral Pinks 

Windmill at Kanab City Park 

View of Cliffs over Kanab from Jackson Flat Reservoir 

 Dan wandering in a meadow on the Kiabab Plateau, where his ancestors settled and farmed sheep.

Kiabab forest fire remnants 

 Clouds over the Kiabab
 North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The following two photos are a little project that Dan and I took on- we found some obsidian pieces that had clearly been handled at some point long ago, and then quite a few pottery sherds. Because it's a federal offense to remove primitive artifacts from public lands, we decided to arrange them in a memorable way, photograph them, and then more or less return the pieces where we found them. I really love how they turned out. 

Enjoying the North Rim!


Paige Marie said…
I completely agree with you on the voting system in the united states. The poor people I work with have been listening to me rant about politics. Not because of the candidates, nor their positions. But because my vote for president is really not going to make a difference because of the way voting is set up right now.
Garit D Heaton said…
The Coral Pinks! I need to go there again. I grew up carving trails in the sand to roll eggs down there every easter.
Sharron said…
Overwhelmingly beautiful photos, I absolutely love your blog posts. Nice arrangement of the treasures you found and then 'threw back', nice philosohy. OSEM.

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