You Only Turn Ancient Once

I have decided that we don't throw surprise parties for the sake of surprising the person and having it create an ultimate euphoria for them, but to torture yourself with lies and solo planning and phone number thieving just to hear the magic words,

 "he doesn't suspect a thing."

When you're planning a surprise party, that is the ambrosia that you seek. 

But since it is Dan, and Dan likes things simple and intimate, we got together the good souls I knew were free on a weeknight, ate some chips and queso tailgate style, and then strolled through the new museum. It was perfect. And yes, he was surprised, if not a little alarmed at how much lying I did to get him there.

The dudes of the shindig:

 The gorgeous dudettes of the shindig (top AND bottom photos, obvs.):

And below, the children of the shindig. The most proper and adorable person ever:

The blonde bombshell:

The high on sugar Buzz(ed) Lightyear:

Stuffed on southwest eggrolls and queso, we moved to the cool air of the museum to learn about Native Americans,


The Roman Empire, (I don't think there was anything in there about the Roman Empire, but you know, Micheal.)


And weather.

The Dinosaur room in the new Museum is so mesmerizing. We should have stayed longer. 

Brother with Ancient Alligator. 

Micheal tiring of my papparazzi skillz.

Celeste being a wonderful sport for a pretty adorable photo, if I do say so.

One man, one stroller, one dinosaur.

I made him do this because he tried to convince me he broke a fossil. Worth it.

Sunset from the Museum Canyon.

Once we left the museum, we commandeered their outdoot patio for a worry-free night of chatting amongst friends who can't all be together at once very often.

And took more ridiculous photos. Derek likes his floating head in this one. 

Family photo!

The greatest couple ever.

We also picked a good night to go, because Bonnie Raitt was playing next door at Red Butte Garden, not 300 yards away. So we got a free concert to go with our party, too.

And at around midnight, when Dan turned officially 30, we parted ways under a bright waxing moon. It was good to share the day with friends who have made us both better people, and who made us laugh. 

Happy Birthday, Danny. The fun is just beginning!



Sharron said…
This looks amazing! Happy Birthday to Dan, what a great place to party. And Bonnie Raitt, I hope she sang Dimming of the Day! Well done, as always~
adam said…
So wanted to be there.
Garit D Heaton said…
sorry i missed it. hope it was a blast!

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