While my parents have been busy wishing they had less dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and are now officially down 2 mules, my sister has been very busy acquiring two new cats, and Dan and I have made not one but two trips to the Humane Society in the past week to look at DOGS.

I can't believe I'm even saying that.

I have reviled the idea of having a dog for awhile, even though I really like dogs, and desperately loved the three Aussies I had growing up at the ranch. It's just that owning a dog-- more than owning a cat, and I think even more than owning a HOUSE-- says that you are settled down. A house you can rent out and still move to Italy or New York City or Guam for a few months. a cat? I don't think Jeoffrey would notice if we never came back, so long as Uncle Dylan always came by and filled his food and water every few days. But once you have a dog, you're really telling the Universe "I don't really want to go anywhere, anymore. Also, I love stepping in dog poop."

But lately, when I go places, I just want to be home again soon. And one of the best parts is coming home to faces I love.

Are my days as a wandering Lorraine in Spain numbered?

I'll let you know.


Daniel T said…
We'll still wander. Our range will just be a little smaller, that's all :)

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