Rough Rehash of Dinner Last Night

Lorraine: horses olympics blah blah blah, eventing team such and such, thoroughbred blather, vet inspections tomorrow, yaddah yaddah yaddah....

Dan: So, you think that Boyd Martin will make the team no matter what?

Lorraine:(stops in mid-sentence with a mouth full of corn on the cob) what did you say?

Dan: Well, I mean, if he and Neville had a fall at the Trials, do you think they'll take Otis even as young as he is with the London venue being so intense?

Lorraine: (just kind of choking at this point) ummm, what?

Dan: Of course you want them to choose Remington first, because he's your favorite, but you sounded pretty skeptical about that.

Lorraine: You....You've been listening this whole time?

Dan: I like Mystery Whisper.

Marriage: (mare-ahj, noun) When you realize that someone is listening when you talk about all the boring stuff you love, and that makes them hotter. 

PS: Steak, Corn on the Cob, Grillin Beans and Root beer. Orange Julius for dessert.   



Daniel T said…
I'm pretty sure I said Careless Whisper. Not Mystery Whisper. And as I recall, I was singing Careless Whisper by Wham, so really I guess I was only half listening.
Daniel T said…
But the rest of that really truly did happen. :)
Lorraine said…
That is true. You did call him Careless Whisper.

I forgive that you renamed Phillip Dutton's mount after your favorite Wham song, in exchange for the fact that you remembered that Boyd Martin was half australian, just like his horse.

Benefit of the doubt, DTJ, benefit of the doubt.
Sharron said…
this was a dream, right? i'm pretty sure i saw a horse named Careless Whisper win the Kentucky Derby, while i was drinking something with a little umbrella in it called Careless Whisper. that's how i know this whole thing was a dream...
Celeste said…
This is perfect.
Way to go Dan!

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