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Blogging is a great many things to a great many people. Some like to talk about their beautiful children (I love that) and some like to talk about SCIENCE (I love that equally as much) and some people like to talk about whatever charmed status their life has achieved (I love it as long as it's true. Actually, I don't even care if it's true if it brings you solace, or a goal to live up to, or makes you a better person.)  Some like to vent, and I don't like those. Especially my own.

I started blogging in college, I think. But I probably had things like a blog (long emails to friends, long posts in FORUMS, remember forums, guys?) for the past ten years. And for many years, I kept personal handwritten journals which are FILLED to the brim with romantic angst. Interestingly, when I met Dan, I stopped writing in journals. Not enough romantic angst.

Like Alanis Morisette and Avril Lavigne, I got married and my stuff started to suck. Or in my case, just wasn't worth penning to paper. "Dear Journal, today I had nothing but totally positive happy feelings about the person I married, except that part where he made fun of me while we were shopping at Ross. But actually, that was pretty funny. Love, Lorraine".  It just doesn't hold the same urgency to write it out as "He dumped me. Again. Wanna talk about it for 20 or 30 pages?"

But I'd like to think that while my personal journaling has changed, my blog is still what it always was- a place where I selfishly talk about the things I want in life, and where I'm going, and then for the sake of my readers hopefully tell you something slightly self deprecating. That's the least I can do.

All both of you that read this will be shocked to learn that my stats do not put me in the "I should monetize this baby" range. In fact, I'm expecting an email from Google any day saying "We knew black holes existed in space, but on the INTERNETS? Give us $10."

I guess what I'm saying is, I'm okay with that, and those of you that read about my corn dogs, and my house, and my endless blither blather about horses are good good people, and I'm always speechless when someone tells me that they read my blog.

Also, if your blog is listed to the right of this sonnet, it means that I love what you do too, and if your blog is somewhere at the bottom of that list, I am holding out all hope that you will write again soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Truly.


Garit D Heaton said…
pfff, science? who does that!?

ps, i am currently gripped in a massive corndog craving.
1) My blog is not listed. I will attempt to hide my pain.

2) I loveeee reading your blog.

3) I noticed the same thing happened with my writing. It kinda pisses me off sometimes that I write really great emo type things only when I'm sad or angry. Why can't I be inspired when I'm content?!

4) Your thoughts are lovely.

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