Ghost Shorts and Crushes.

I only have eyes for my husband. I want to be perfectly clear about that.

Ears are another matter. Also, this sentiment is mutual.

Go ahead and read that. I'll wait.



I was brought in as the lifetime companion and fixture of Daniel's life with the full disclosure that I could never sell a Swiffer Sweeper quite like SHE could.  When her commercial is on, his eyes glaze over, and he physically swoons. I accept this. This is the dark underbelly of saying "Forever" to the person you love.  Along the way, you will have to accept that somewhere, there is a child star lurking in the shadows of his/her mind.

For me, the time to confess has come.

I must regretfully inform Dan and all his fans that Ms. Berdahl has a counterpart, who I am only now prepared to discuss candidly.

Readers, meet Blake Sennett.

Blake is the guitarist for the band Rilo Kiley, an alt pop group probably best known for the song "Silver Lining"

The music video of which, by the way, is how I came to ask myself "Is that PINSKY????" and affirmation never tasted so sweet.

Ronnie Pinsky from Season 2 of Salute Your Shorts, meant to replace original dreamboat Michael of Season 1 who did not return to Camp Anawana for another summer. This was to Dina and Z.Z.'s devastation, but not mine. Pinsky was totally my 10 year old type. And now he's in a really hilarious and mildly obscure band, and he also dated Winona Ryder for about year. They were kind of a big deal. They are now kind of over.

So now, ideally, Pinsky would marry Lenni, and then Dan and I could run into them in the streets of Lehi and we could all go to dinner at Porter's Place and bury these childhood hatchets once and for all over honey butter scones and a sarsaparilla.
On the other hand, were there ever more harmless celebrity crushes for two idealistic soulmates than the rapping actress of Ghostwriter and the spoiled richy rich of Camp Anawana's Salute Your Shorts?
This is Dr. Kahn-would Ronnie Pinsky please report to the mess hall of Lorraine's dreams immediately?  That is all.  


Lol... the Karate Kid...need I say more! ;) miss you guys, hope all is well!

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