Back to California: San Juan Capistrano Mission

It's been a whirlwind lately.

You know what wasn't a whirlwind? San Juan Capistrano.  It was the opposite of whirlwind. Bustling? Yes. Radiating with mariachi bands, dancing girls, and freshly made enchiladas? You bet your sweet bippy. But a whirlwind it was not.

On our way we saw little ones on their way to first communion, which is the most divine thing I've ever seen.

The original mission basilica.

The original basilica with the original best california hostess.

The original basilica with the original Amigo Bad-A. The shades. The shades kill me.

I took my camera off of automatic, y'all, and it makes your flower pictures better! (Or worse, and then worse, and then average, and then better.)

Poppies. Bury me in a field of poppies, dear progyny.

 Next to this dude. Did I say too much? 

These flowers grow upsidedown on vines and are as big as my head.

You know what's cool? This metal thing on this door.

And these bells.

They were having a mariachi band and mexican dancing troupe competition of sorts at the mission while we were there, which was awesome. I like how the horse looks like he's part of this conversation.

I just realized that I caught a photobomber from behind in this photo. It's like a reverse photobomb.

 Isn't she like a flower unto herself?!

Oh hey. That's me. Sorry about that. Also, it weirds me out to no end that the mirror makes me think my braid is always on the other side of my head. I might have to switch just so it will look right to everyone else.

I said I wasn't going to post this, but that would be cruel to you. This face is the direct result of having the sun burn my retinas. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Last but not least, I caught a picture of a lizard in middair. bam.

That's what I call a successful day at the Mission.


Sharron said…
wow, gorgeous! love it all, especially you its star. altho also partial to the leapin' lizard...

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