A Moon Night

I'm going to be doing a series about California and the amazing wonderful spectacular things we did/people we saw/stuff we ate, but I thought I'd start with what was already on the camera before we left.

Dan, Dylan and I decided to drive out to the west desert for the Super Moon night and check out the universe with my new spectacularly cheap WalMart telescope. Too bad we left the lens in Eagle Mountain and had to drive back to civilization to get it. My bad.

I think it was worth it. In addition to the fabulousness which was the moon, we saw Venus, Mars, and Saturn through the magic glass, making Venus just big enough to see her crescent, and Saturn just big enough to see her rings if you held so still you had to hold your breath.  Which was, coincidentally, breathtaking.  And through a telescope, Mars is the most delicious color of peach. It makes me want to pluck it out of the sky and make a smoothie.

It took me back to a lot of beautiful nights at the ranch growing up, if only there had been bullfrogs and sprinkler sounds!

The worst picture ever taken.  

 Adventure Boots.

 Adventure Faces.

 These pictures never do a supermoon justice.

Long exposure Moon swirls.

Long exposure traffic.


Garit D Heaton said…
great photos! All of them!
Sharron said…
ooh ooh, i just put "the worst picture ever taken" as my desktop, AWESOME!

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