Excerpt of a Marriage.

Lorraine:  Do you own any The Cure albums that I can copy to my iPod? I need to explore my relationship with The Cure.

Dan: Glad you asked. I have 22 albums and compilations along with 60 or so tracks from a rarity collection... all on my ipod, which is not lost.

Lorraine: I am so in love with you.

It's true, I am.

Also, Dan found his iPod this week in the sofa cushions, while looking for my car keys which he found two days later in our large outdoor garbage can atop a Wendy's bag. Thanks, Honey.



Sharron said…
can dad have the ipod back that you gave him that he gave you to replace dan's lost one?
padruss said…
I want my ipod back now. I knew this was a ploy to get your old ipod back. so this person you speak of as the one you love, could use it to down load music unfamiliar to a person of the 60's and have two ipods for the price of one. Theif................
Daniel T said…
Ha ha! I just read this. Thanks for the ipod Russ. Now I use it as a coaster. Just kidding, I'll get it back to you next time you're in town.

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