Weekend According to iPhone

 Dan NEVER liked this rather clever reference to our friends winning the film festival. FINE THEN.
 I forgive him, because he put in all our edging, dug up the grass, and trimmed the trees.

 We planted these pots together. I think they bring a lot of cheer.

This is a bleeding heart tree. Which we bought while Home Depot was playing the song "Keep Bleeding in Love" which I thought was hilarious. Dan thought it was mildly coincidental, I think. He didn't have much to say on the matter.

That's a tree, dear.

5 Points if you spot a spy.

 This is where he religiously hangs out and meows relentlessly at us while we work. He wants to come out and "hang", aka, run into the street and die.

 Oh dear.

 Spring looking things!

Winter looking things! (We have it on good authority that this tree looks completely dead until suddenly it explodes with giant leaves and white flowers in like a single day. I can't wait to see it like that again.


Daniel T said…
Ha ha. That video was almost the death of me.
Sharron said…
yippee, spring comes to utah, all of Yous look good, including Jeoffrey with his Death Stare. purdy flowers! well done, Offspring and Offspring-like People.
Sharron said…
oh, i MISSED the video before, HHHAAAAAAWWWWW (that was the second syllable of what the donkeys say). u peeps r loooozrs.

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