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Being able to go out and enjoy the air without fleeing soon thereafter into the drafty warmth of the house has done wonders for me. I've been getting off at the far away bus stop at work so that I can walk and listen to my iPod and get that glorious shot of early morning euphoria.

 My most recent song selections, meant to encourage that peppy sense of euphoria:

1. Shake it Off by Florence + the Machine
2. I'm on my Way by the Proclaimers
3. We are Young by Fun.
4. Midnight City by M83
5. Time of Times by Badly Drawn Boy
6. Shark in the Water by V.V. Brown
7. Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley
 (their guitar player is Pinsky from Salute Your Shorts. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you must revisit your Nickelodeon Childhood)
8. Knots by Lisa Hannigan (my adoration for this girl knows no bounds)
9. I Was Here by Beyonce
10. La Revedere by [dunkelbunt] (arguably the WEIRDEST song ever recorded)
11. Kiss by Prince

Also, while the warm weather has allowed us to start the yard overhaul, which we are both happy to be doing, I haven't given up on working over our bedroom to be a little more like the "rest" of the house, in the sense that we are eager to add some character to the joint. I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but we want to give it a very modern but rustic treatment of southwest colors, inspired by one of mine and Dan's favorite places, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. What do y'all think?

I've already got the muted butter colored walls, with infusions of the central marigold color in the upholstery, and I've got more green than I really want, but I can live with it. I'm excited to get more of the POW! oranges and reds in there, that will really give it the southwest signature. Golly, I love that photo. I can't wait to abstractly represent it in my own pad. It's kind of a symbolic reminder of our bigger dreams down the road, and I think that's a good thing to infuse ones room with.

The volley of mishaps, bills, and logistics continues to swing at us, but I am handling them with a little better grace than I did in February, with still the occasional snappy quip at whoever is nearby, which unfortunately is usually that dude I married. He's taking it well.

I'm on a new campaign to look ridiculously fantastic in a bathing suit this summer, ergo my new favorite iPhone app, MyFitnessPal. It records your workouts and your calories, and it can even scan barcodes and then count your calories for you. My favorite part is when at the end of my day it tells me "if you eat the same calories you ate today for the next four weeks, you will lose X number of pounds." and it's the MOST motivating thing I've ever had. I like this app because it's the exact thing that I wanted when I got a smart phone. something that would actually make me live better, and it has.

Along those lines, Wii's Just Dance, and Deepak Chopra's wii meditation game, Leela. I am a better person for owning a video game consul. Technology is weird, y'all.

That is a Britney y'all, not a Paula Deen y'all. I'm done now.


Sharron said…
WOW, love it. the pic, the plan, all of it. did you take that photo? I WANT ONE. let's do a big painting together, i love your colours, AND by some coincidence red and orange would be my specialties. and marigold, otherwise known as cadmium yellow deep by Schminke/Mussini. yay.

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