Raining, Pouring, Snoring.

Dan and I have been on this roll since we got married where our lives are filled with adventures, and traveling, and house projects, and darling weirdo Jeoffrey, and wonderful family and friends. Every night we'd sort of turn over to each other and say "It's been so easy, the honeymoon will never be over, we'll always feel this way, as long as I'm with you, life will always be awesome." and you would let yourself believe it, because when else have Dan and I ever had the chance to believe in something like that? 

Recently, things in life have not been awesome. Dan's hours were drastically cut back at work through the winter, our Valentines weekend in Moab was dramatically cancelled because of death-snow in Spanish Fork Canyon, one of our cars failed inspection and has to be replaced, I got an enormous mystery bill from my broken hand from THREE years ago, Jeoffrey had another seizure, I've been fighting off the threat of a cold for two solid weeks, and I got some very bad news yesterday that I was in no way emotionally ready to hear. Oh, and I may have had a small anxiety attack somewhere in the middle of that. This is not awesome. This is that really annoying time when you're constantly braced for the next excruciating thing, and as my friend Consuela says, sometimes you just sit tight mientras pasa la tormenta, while the storm passes.

But there's good news. While life is not awesome, while everything seems to be hard, and while our dreams seem to be further from reach than ever, I still feel that way about him. The honeymoon still isn't over. I still can't imagine a time when I'm not going to see him as my partner and the person who will help me see the sunshine again, or who will cook up sunshine in a pot himself, if that's what it takes. If this storm is the great flood, Dan and I are the pair of goofy black bears on the ark, and we feel damn lucky to be there. I can see that now, standing next to him.

Also, mother suggests burning sage in the house and engaging in a cleansing ritual, because REALLY. There be some crazy bad joojoo up in here.

We're cute, even if we're dumb.



Alissa Rae King said…
So, no way I can post this on my blog or Facebook, but I will risk it here: yesterday to stop me from crying in the car after a rare lunch date that was almost ruined when the talk idiotically turned political Jon told me "I will vote for Obama! I will ride a float in the next gay pride parade, just please don't cry!" and it might be one of the nicest things he's ever said to me.

I hope that helps. :)

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