Lorraine in Cincinnati

Oh hey! This is a travel blog again! And my sister in law will be devastated to learn that I missed this week's bachelor episode. What do you do?

So, you know how there's this mystical place in your head that represents "America" in the most idyllic sense?  It's that place where people actually work in factories, live in the suburbs, and there are whole neighborhoods in the cities that look like they're inside a time capsule representing the 60s or the 20s or some other industrial boom time? That place, my friends, is Ohio.
May I please start my photo reel with a food tangent? thanks.

So I wasn't even all that hungry, but when there is a trailer parked at a busy Ohio intersection with the words "fish sandwich" and "deep fried chili dog" hand written on a neon poster, that is a sign from Heaven that you are supposed to stop and partake. 

As you can see, I went with the deep fried chili dog. And when the bearded cook fellow brought it out to me, he said "We threw a little something extra in there for you to try!" which meant a fresh warm roll with pulled pork upon it. I'm so glad I stopped being a vegetarian some time ago. 

I did eventually make it to Cincinnati after a couple good hours spent on Ohio back roads and taking pictures (I will have those in another post, since they are on my SLR, and all these are from my iphone) and by the time I got in, nearly everything was closed. I did however  manage to stumble into this great square, where I found good food and a lively crowd watching the Ohio State game. Bless the nightlife that is non-utah, where one can find a salad at 10 at night.

This divine little quote by Longfellow is the source of many inside Cincy terms of endearment. Queen City. Be still my ever so charmed heart.

There are also some trouble spots in Cincy, but even they are starkly beautiful to me, like this block of abandoned buildings.

The above is my view of the skyline from my hotel room. I enjoy good views, and this did not disappoint. 

Isn't this narrow little hotel delicious? Since you can't see it, what it says below the name is "105 rooms, 60 baths" which is so archaic and sweet it makes etsy vintage look like a satanic underground.

       Speaking of underground, umm, THAT'S A VERY CHARMING CASKET SHOP, OHIO.
Right next to a bookstore! I love this city. That's when I knew. 

Another irresistible sign, advertising typewriters and ADDING MACHINES. Puppies aren't this cute.srsly.

        Main street of Cincy is nearly all preserved in these row house style business fronts, And I walked for blocks and blocks until I was afraid I'd be late to my conference, and had to stop wailing in adoration looking like a crazy person and turn around.

AND THEN THERE WAS THIS. The best sign I have ever seen, and I thought I was going to cry. But I didn't, I just took a picture of it. And made it my desktop, my wallpaper, and I'm mostly almost kidding when I say I'm going to get it as a tattoo. 

       This antique store has statues on it.

I tracked down a cafe early this morning, and they didn't just caffeinate me, they presented me with a piece of art. Which of course begged to be instagrammed. I am one dirty hipster. But only when I'm out of town.

This was one of my last photos of the day, before heading into my conference. Something about it felt like looking into that extraordinary Edward Hopper painting of the diner window- It's nostalgic, but familiar. 

I don't know if I can accurately depict how charming I found Cincy to be, or how happy I am to be here. I'm flattered that my boss sent me here to invest in me as his employee, and I have loved learning more about my field and about a new place. It was a horrible time to get on a plane, what with the sickening local news reel over the weekend, and a general dislike of being away from my true companion, but I have been going hard at everything I do here to maximize the experience, and enjoy my time alone. 
more from Cincy soon. This is Lorraine signing off.


Katie said…
Hope the conference can rival your sightseeing adventures! Looks like you are having a great time and I hear you are impressing everyone with our gift-based capacity scores :)

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