A Word on Breyer Horses

I have this horrible, ego-maniacal habit of checking my blog statistics. I like seeing the numbers, and where people are coming from, but what I most want to know is what it is that people are googling, in desperation, and somehow finding my blog.

It's almost always delightfully hilariously mortifying. Which is probably how they feel. huh.

For a long time, the most popular google hit was "Girl Scout Cookies Spain", because once I wrote a post about girl scout cookies, and how much I love them, and how much we adults need the shining light that is a girl scout cookie delivery to look forward to every year.  To all of you trying to find out how to get girl scout cookies in Spain, I am sorry. I have no idea. But there is a FABULOUS bakery down the street from the Oviedo Cathedral that can hook you up with a chocolate dipped pretzel thing.

Recently, my sister-in-law and I have been writing a lot about the Bachelor (oh, you didn't notice?) and at first I teased her that I was going to lose all my readers (you know, both of them. Hi mom!) Yeah, I was wrong. It pretty much doubled.

All that being said, nothing prepared me for the onslaught of hits I got from mentioning Breyers.

To my new Breyer friends looking for "Breyer horse California antique vintage", welcome. I understand. I feel your pain. I want them all, too. (I recommend the Gas Lamp district's antique stores just outside of San Diego. Really good selection of out-of-the-box Breyers.)

To the person desperately seeking "Breyer Horse Big Ben"- modeled after the famous Show Jumper who consecutively won the 1988 and 89 World Cup titles on two different continents: I own him, and he's wedged between Man O' War and Gem Twist overlooking my master bathroom from a built-in shelf. And I'm sorry to say he's not for sale. Despite my husband's pleadings.

And to the person who googled "Breyer Celebrity" and got me:

Thank you.

My work here is done.



Sharron said…
Oh, so it Breyer Brag time? I believe you would beat me (and most others) but I was gifted the Breyer Draft horse and I USE it to paint draft horses in the studio! And I am ashamed to admit that I recently bid on the Breyer Mule on ebay. There were LOTS of bidders, and I lost, and that is probably a good thing. I was still sad...
Alissa Rae King said…
There are breyer MULES? I can't believe how much time I've wasted looking up "vintage polly pocket wizard of oz"

You know what I like about your home security Lorraine? If someone broke into your house they would totally steal your TV and probably wouldn't even go in your bathroom. That is what I call a master plan.
Sharron said…
Yes, there is a FAB black Breyer mule, but I warn you they are very pricey! (much less than REAL black mules however. but one can't have both~)
padruss said…
What I find most profound is that a person, such as yourself, could play with small molded horse toys as a child and later become an expert horse rider, state champion competitor and later go on to owning, training and writing about horses. That holding and playing with a plastic image of such an extraordinary creature as a horse would turn your life into being an expert is amazing. I will say that plastic horse toys are much less expensive than real ones, unless of course you own 200 hundred + such toy horses, with all the other accouterments, that can fill an entire room. I am just saying......

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