Sunrise in Paradise

Nothing Says "I love you" Like a Sunrise Trip To Wally-World:

Let's Rewind to Last Night:

Dan: I think I'm allergic to Splenda
Lorraine: Uh, Why?
Dan: Because I had some today, and now my throat feels tight and scratchy like when you're getting a cold
Lorraine:Are you sure that you're not just getting a cold?
Dan: No, this is different. I can tell.
Lorraine: mmmk. I'm gonna go take some Emergen-C now.

This Morning at 6am:

Dan: I have a cold.
Lorraine: Uh Huh.

Ergo, my trip to wally world to get the man some gummy vitamins (which I am sure he will overdose on) some mocha mint cough drops (which I will probably eat instead of him) and a humidifier, because I think that's what his mom used to do when he was little. My mom used to get me coloring books and crayons, which I meant to get, but Walmart is so damn big I forgot whilst walking through 26 aisles of cold products.

Jacksons are dropping like flies, y'all. Group funeral, I'll let you know when it takes me down, too.


Daniel T said…
Splenda is fantastic news. Flu season is bad news. Thanks for taking care of me Lorraine. Sorry in advance for passing the plague on to you.

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