Lorraine, Why U No Post Less?

1. I could spread these out, so that in a month when I haven't posted in, well, a month, you'd have something to read, but I kind of like surprising you.

2. Temple Grandin was FUNNY. Really, really, funny. That was the best part of it. I knew when she pointed out how silly it is that algebra is a prerequisite for geometry when they INVENTED geometry first that she and I were destined to be dear friends. Well, I suppose I'm not that lucky, but destined for me to admire her. It was perfect.

3. I had no idea the inspiration for Rainman was a guy from Utah. I learned that last night.

4. Do you think it's okay to be excited about things you know only you are excited about, and your husband chooses to be lovingly supportive of from afar?  I do.  Sometimes I try to convert him to things, but some things are mine. But then I wonder if I'm supposed to be missing him, and wishing he were there with me, and then I feel guilty for not wishing he was there, because I am evil and selfish. Thoughts?

5. I also spent about an hour last night taking a guided tour of Occupy Salt Lake. It was...surreal. That is the best way I can describe it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many questions I asked, and unpleasantly surprised at how naive I felt in the midst of it.

6. I am trying really hard to like the new Coldplay album, but it's not coming.  I am really sad about it.

7. I am currently listening the new Miranda Lambert album, and it is AWESOME.  No effort involved whatsoever.

8. It has a "Parental Advisory" warning label. YAY!! Tell it like it is, Lamby!

9. I have mixed feelings about the enormous impending snow storm. On the one hand, a snowy legginged/sweatered night in with my beloved catandman sounds lovely, but then again, I have to drive to Salt Lake tomorrow morning. So, you know, sixes.

10. I am going to be destroyed in my fantasy football league this weekend.

11. I hope you are pleasantly surprised/horrified to discover that I am in such a thing.

12. I love walking contradictions.


Sharron said…
1. most surprises are good.
2. great minds think alike.
3. dad and i were on a plane with that guy and his dad once. he was really, REALLY friendly to everyone around him. in his own way.
4. yes.
5. the 'movement' is in flux. nobody knows from what to what.
6. this makes me very sad too. but not as sad as you since i didn't spend $15 to download it.
7. i believe in no effort.
8. she will burn in hell at the CMA's for that.
9. no mixed feelings here. 0s or 12s.
10.& 11. to quote a wise person i know, "I was pleasantly surprised at how many questions I asked, and unpleasantly surprised at how naive I felt in the midst of it."
12. and i love cantering contradictions...

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