A Halloween We Can Agree On.

Let's just say that if Halloween were the middle east peace process, Dan and I would be begrudgingly shaking hands between a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. I feel about Halloween the way Dan feels about Thanksgiving, and vice versa.  Halloween might be my favorite holiday, and Thanksgiving my least favorite. For Dan, it's quite the opposite.

But alas, he indulged some of my requests (going to a Halloween party, watching scary movies, putting up cobwebs on the porch) and I agreed to nix some of my preferred activities (no haunted houses, no matching costumes, no ghost hunting in abandoned buildings).

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So I present, "Frida Kahlo" and "Walmart's cheapest cat costume".


Waldo said…
This post made me very happy. Mostly that you are still holding the line back home as I am holding the line overseas. To Halloween! Some of our best times together have been on Halloween and I treasure those. Miss you so much!
Sharron said…
whaaa? i thought dan was a ghost town sorta dude. i have been duped by his song lyrics. thanksgiving, really?

nice 'tumes, kids...

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