Shopping FTW. (that stands for: For The Win, Mom)

I feel like sometimes I go weeks without any good customer services experiences, beyond a gum popping teeny bopper asking me if I want my receipt, like, in the bag or whatever.  So when I have a good experience, it sticks with me. I hope you'll indulge a small series by me shamelessly plugging retailers doing good work,  and I hope that if you're in the market for "stuff", you'll give them your business. (ps- I in no way benefit from bragging about these businesses, I just like them.)

Today's Feature:


This is a website that offers discounted prices on select designer clothes, house wares, and art. Most of it is modern, some of it is overpriced, but some of it is incredibly reasonable, and really handy. Such as the iced tea pitcher I got on there for a steal.

But where they win is in customer service.  I got a collapsible water bottle from their site about 3 weeks ago, and it hadn't shown up. I hadn't yet gotten to checking up on it when I found an email in my inbox from the CEO of the site (which yes, I'm sure was generated and sent to all the people in my situation, but it was still nice) saying that he was sorry I hadn't gotten the watter bottle yet, the demand was higher than the company expected, but to make up for the delay in getting it to me, here is a $10 credit in your account, and we hope you won't feel discouraged about our site in the future.  Also, here is my direct phone number and email address, if you have any questions or comments.

That, my friend, is good customer service.


Sharron said…
insulting any potential customer (like your mom) with condescending tag lines that include "Mom" as if i don't understand modern anacronyms (which i don't but i don't need it to be pointed out as such in semi-public forums) is not good customer service. and above all else, i am potentially your customer (?)

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