Let's Compare.

This is a milestone. Dan and I have outlasted at LEAST one celebrity marriage! HURRAY!!!

I'd like to do some mathematics!

Kim and Kris:

things in common: names start with the letter "K", have both been on TV. Both known for their anatomical stats.

things their marriage had to overcome: living in New York City, tabloid rumors, and Kris having to marry a Kardashian.

Cost of Wedding: reportedly $20 million.
Duration of Marriage: 72 Days.  
cost/time= $277,777.78 per day of marriage.

Lorraine and Dan:

things in common: inability to resist a char-broiled hamburger, love of the rural american west and history, common religion, and we are often told that we look alike.

things our marriage has had to overcome: money, long commutes through suburbia, an inexhaustible cat whose preferred attack time/location is "the sleeping face".

cost of wedding: $5,000
duration of marriage: 458 days, and I don't anticipate divorcing tomorrow.
cost/time: $10.91 per day of marriage.

And the more days you get, the cheaper it gets! Staying Married For The Win!


jordan.spain said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post SO much!!!!
Lacey J. said…
This is so funny! I read it to the ladies I work with and they all liked it. So did I.
Sharron said…
well said. make that up for a valentine's card and by then you might be under 10 bucks a day, que romantico!

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