1. Sometimes at my job, I stumble onto the public blogs of total strangers. If they are really good, I revisit them later on my own time. CREEPER.

2. I have a cuticle issue. Actually, it wasn't an issue for me, but it's an issue for Dan, so now it's an issue. I ought to have G photograph my cuticle issue for his hands project.

3. I struggle with the fact that my coworkers' TV tastes are profoundly higher than mine. Because, you know, I love the Bachelor. I do. I really do.

4. That probably needed its own confession line.

5. Bless me father, for I have watched the Bachelor and enjoyed it.

6. EVEN THE BACHELOR PAD. (AKA, the Eighth Deadly Sin. Deadly to your BRAINZ anyway.)

7. I live on a diet composed almost exclusively of carbs.  cream of wheat, english muffins, pad thai, and a cookie. That's what I ate yesterday. oh, and some juice?  And a red bull? Is that a carb? Paleo Diets are for Pets.

8. "Is butter a carb?" 

9. I get on the KSL Classifieds to look at horses for sale EVERY DAY. It's a lunchtime ritual.

10. I have a favorite person to sit next to on the bus. She keeps a cooking blog, and has a kindle. We don't speak, I just admire her.

11. Despite our need to save for stuff, all I really want is to spend all our money on a kiln.

12. sculpy and easy-bake oven aren't going to keep Dan entertained forever.

13. I'm feeling relieved that I don't have to decorate the house for Christmas, because we'll be in Baltimore.

14. I don't like the number 14.

15. I like the new Coldplay album, and I refuse to feel ashamed about my taste level.

16. It's 8am. time to work!


Paige Marie said…
Lois... I love your blog! I get so excited when I see that you have posted something new, because you are so dang entertaining, and you write so well that I am immediately captured.. And I cannot stop reading.. Un-creepily following you... Your old high school buddy.. Paige. :)
Ball Lightning said…
I love this blog format! I do the same thing sometimes and I really enjoy it! Also my camera is always at your service ;)
jordan.spain said…
Hahahahaha!!!!!! Yes, butter is a carb!!! Oh Mean Girls. We need to watch! Also, don't forget about Laguna Beach and The Hills. Those shows will do wonders for your brainz!
Sharron said…
1. yes, you are a creeper.
2. i know your cuticle issue. you inherited it.
3. you inherited that from your dad. DEFINITELY not me.
4. yep.
5. as your father did as well.
6. him too. and his brainz also paid.
7. all carbs. yep.
8. no.
9. that is more dangerous than walking in front of a bus.
10. yes, you are a creeper.
11. much less dangerous than brousing
12. are they keeping him entertained now? hmmm....
13. LUCKY you!
14. you are a number bigot.
15. don't worry, in two weeks you won't like it anymore.
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