To Do Lists

1. Sanitize the house post Food Poisoning Apocalypse 2011.

2. Be photographed in the new pair of stunning boots my mother gave me as an early birthday/sympathy gift for surviving Food Poisoning Apocalypse 2011.

3. Repress all memories of Food Poisoning Apocalypse 2011.

4. Throw away everything in the fridge more than 5 days old. Yes, even the ketchup.

5. Dan says I can't throw away the ketchup, or the mustard. but he insists I get rid of the Vegan Mayo. 

6. That is just like a man.

7. Build a bench in the kitchen to go under the window and run along the dining room table.

8. Squeal with delight after completing #7.

9. Somehow convince people to start coming to our front door instead of our kitchen door.  This could take

10. Find someone to sell me a high fire kiln for a fraction of what it's worth, so I can open the coolest etsy store ever. (so cool that if it's not on the front page of Etsy every day, Kanye West will defy your firewall and appear as a pop-up and say "Imma let you finish, but Lorraine had one of the best Etsy Stores OF ALL TIME."

11. Buy the new Kanye/Jay Z album.  It's the least I can do for Kanye defending me like that.

12. Take Dan to the Waves of Mu Show at the U in the next two weeks, because I think that should probably sufficiently freak him out about pop art for the next 2-3 months until we go to New York.

13. Finish posting about the house. It's something I'm eager to do, but also anxious to do, because every room in the house is still so much a work in progress.  But you deserve more, dear readers, you really do.

14. Stop getting so angry about politics and instead read ONLY the wedding section of the New York Times.

15. Go to one Yoga Class. That's all.

16. Find someone who will let me smell their horse. I don't need a ride, just a whiff will do. That should get rid of the shakes for a week, at least.

17. Post my Zion pictures. I swear, I'm going to.

18. Thank my readers for reading.  Thank you for reading!!! Your comments and even non-commenting stalking positively makes my day.

One down, 17 to go!


Ball Lightning said…
Glad you survived the apocalypse. I have a horse related blog coming your way soon.
Alissa Rae King said…
number 5. I'm with dan. and YES more house pictures, please. I don't have a horse, but I could send you a pee diaper from a fat pink baby to smell.

18 applies to me several times because I often read your blog a few times while I think of something clever to say.

like: knock knock? who's there? no one, because I'm at the Kitchen door and you won't let me in!!

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