Before and After: The Office.

I decided to start my very ceremonious and official tour of our new house in the office, mostly because it's the cleanest right now, and because it just happened to have good light coming in the same time that I actually had my camera charged. That's fate, y'all.

For some reason the only pictures I have of the office before the update was the ones from the realtor.  The realtor made it look much better than it actually was. there were giant burnt holes in the carpet, the brown paint was washy and cheap and sad and, like the whole house, it had a thick film of dirt and grime from the former tenants. 


the desk I've had since I was young, our art supplies, Dan's guitar, a fraction of the books (including my Utonians!)

Dan's records, the non-fiction books.  Do you like the wall color? I hope so. You'll be seeing it in 2 more rooms! Also, this is probably the best shot of the original pine floors, which are painted white now, but someday when we win the non-existent Utah Lottery, we will refinish them to their 1895 glory.

The pine doors and handles are original to the house. Hand planked mormon pine, specific to the 1890s. The photography above the computer was my father's gift to us.

The "shrine" haha!  These are probably worthy of their own blog post someday, but sufficeth to say that they are souvinirs from being present at Pres. Obama's inauguration. (and yes, that black power painting was purchased from a street vendor in DC and is hilariously awesome.)

Some of our favorite old books and precious gifts from friends.

the original door framing, and one of the paintings my mom and dad made for Sundance Catalog back in the 90's. Fish paintings are so en vogue now.

the middle shelf is where I keep some of my favorite and oft-referenced literature.

My yarn finally has a pretty place to live! (for better or worse, the cat only likes the yarn when I'm knitting it.)

That's part one, can't wait to show you many more of our humble new-old abode!


Karen said…

I can't even tell you how much I adore your floors, doors and moldings. And all your trinkets. I love this view into your soul!
Aimee said…
I am already in love with your house! I could live in this room (if you'd let me!). I can't wait to see it for myself.

When you come back east for Christmas will you please help me figure out what to do with my 1895 work in progress?
Sharron said…
ooooh, i like all the new details since i saw it last, can't wait to see it in person again next week! and to meet jeoffry in purrson~

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