The World As Seen by My Phone

Awhile back I got a nice camera to go with all my photographic ambition, and more recently, I've continually forgotten to charge it, or pretty much that it even exists. So that when I went to Austin recently for work, I said, meh, I'll just take my point and shoot, and proceeded to forget to get batteries the entire time I was there.  It's a residual issue for me, the fact that things needs power to run. It's baloney, anyway, I've been running on fumes since April.  beat that, CAMERA THAT HAS ENOUGH BATTERIES TO TELL ME MY BATTERIES ARE EXHAUSTED, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO TAKE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPH. That's all, the ranting is done. I've sat with it, and I'm over it.

Ergo, here is my life the past three weeks brought to you not my a DSLR, not by a point and shoot, not even by an artsy iphone instagram, but by my ENV 2 and all both of its megapixels. (like I'm going to complain that my PHONE can take PICTURES.  that will always be awesome.)

The Austin skyline at sunset from my hotel room. It's purrrty.

The Texas Capital. Hotter outside than you can really gather from watching Real World Austin. Almost died walking here.

Texas dome. If a state could copyright a shape, Texas would copyright stars.

Best Door Hinges in the world, ever.  I can't compete.

the Texas House of Reps. When they say that everything's bigger in Texas, they mean, our house is bigger than America's House. And they would be right. Also, their chairs are nicer.

You may or may not know that Austin is also known as BAT CITY. Those brown swirly things? Bats. about 100 of the 1.3 Million bats that live under the Austin bridge and leave at dusk every night to go a huntin' like good little Texans.

See the black specks on the right over the horizon? Bats. I KNOW.

Coworkers and I took a little detour one night fer some outlying rural texas BBQ. I ate the rib of a cow, and it was amazing. Then we went sightseeing, to walk off all of the eating.

A purrty building in Lockhart, our BBQ town.  I loved this town, if you can't tell.

Back to Austin. This is the Driskill Hotel.  Real fancy, in a country and western sort of way.

This was in the Ladies Bathroom in the Driskill. I didn't go in there to take this picture, but it was a delightful bonus.

The stained glass dome in the Driskill, which I thought was just lovely. Dan, can we put one up in the "Stoker house"?

And here are two other nice things my camera saw recently. One is from when Aimee and the kids came to visit, and Dan and Sylvie had a nice peaceful bonding moment by the duck pond at Pioneer Park, while Aimee ventured alone into the land of chaos which was trying to wrastle two scruffy and wonderful boys into their car seats.

I'm glad you can't tell that's what's going on behind this pastoral scene of utter cuteness. Though I wish I had a picture of that too. 

This is our cat, Jeoffrey c.o.u.g.h. Cannonball.  He is a kitten, and he is a handful, and he makes terrible odors, and I love him desperately. 

Oh, the life of a camera phone. Her life is charmed, if you ask me.


Sharron said…
i love your phone pics, gorgeous! austin looks amazing, maybe i need to un-recluse myself for awhile and go somewhere. plus i super dig your blog's background pic, classes up the joint...
Ball Lightning said…
Nice phone pics! Well done there. and.. nice.. cat.. name! =)
Alissa Rae King said…
I love being more interesting by association, thanks for doing cool things with your life so i casinks people i know know all about Austin since my sister went there once.

And as you know, I have an affection for phone pictures. No one uses film anymore, but with a phone you can't fake being a good photographer, you either have a good eye or you don't.

I think ya do.
Alissa Rae King said…
That should be "can tell"

What a wierd typo...
Alissa Rae King said…
I blame the iPad. And you stealing my 12th grade education.

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