For Safe Keeping.

Everytime that I want to use my mom's pie crust recipe (which is the best pie crust recipe) I have to go SEARCHING for it in the only place that I know it exists forever, which is my sister's blog. No offense to mom, but middle sister definitely has this recipe memorized, and I don't think mom memorizes anything anymore. But the farther we get from September 2010 the harder it is for me to find it in the backlogs of blogs.  Which is annoying. So I'm putting it


beware, for this link will take you to the world's best mommyblogger with ADD (which is more charming than anything), the world's most photogenic blogchildren, and the world's best Pie Crust Cookies.  (as well as actual pie crust.) 

By the way, this comes about as a result of us picking our Plum Tree last night- AREN'T I SO FREAKING DOMESTIC AND CHARMING?  Less so when I say it in all caps? Good.


Alissa Rae King said…
Blogchildren! Why didn't I think of that? That idea is almost as good as PIE CRUST COOKIES. How am i supposed to sleep now that i am thinking about children i can turn down with a volume control and cookies?

Thanks for the shout out, and the link back, my add brain needed the refresher. :)

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