I read your blog, I really do, and I have all sorts of wonderful things to say about it.

unfortunately, blogger has not let me comment on someone else's blog for weeks, and I don't know why. Some setting got all screwed up, and I can never comment with my google profile. So, yes, that thing you posted about your kids? adorable. Your new house? Fabulous!  That video of the guy jumping out of the airplane? Wicked awesome. That Tiffany Lamp that you found at a thrift store for $3 that's worth more than my car?  I'm SO happy for you.  That loser finally left you and you're sad about it, wah wah but really we're all so glad that he's out of your life and now you can be the woman we always knew you could be? congratulations.  Your much too detailed commentary on your digestive system? um, actually, I probably wasn't going to comment on that.

But to the rest of you, I'm silently, creepily reading along. 


Ball Lightning said…
i have heard other people having the same issue.. i wish i had an easy fix for you but it doesnt seem to have easy solution yet.
Alissa Rae King said…
i hope you are talking about MY kids, and not MY digestive system.
Sharron said…
me too. (silently, creepily reading along...)

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