Feeling Fresh

Well, that didn't take long.

I've been utterly smitten with this photo that one of my parents (I'm not sure which, actually) took of the new mule at Pioneertown California. It's been my desktop for weeks now.  I love her shiny black coat, the loads of beautiful new leather on her, the hokey and fabulous background of Pioneertown.  It perfectly captured all the things I love about horses and the West.

This color scheme is one I more or less invented through the advance blogger modes- it reminds me of the picture below of the moldovan countryside, but it also reminds me of Washington DC, where neon was always adorning the gorgeous inner city teenagers- big cheap plastic neon bangles and hot pink skater shoes with skin tight jeans. I admit it, I thought they looked incredible. 

Really, all these things remind me of me. And your blog should always remind you of yourself, shouldn't it? Your cravings, your comfort colors, your favorite images and textures and shades.  It should inspire you to write more, and I think this does.  I hope you like it, and find it easy to navigate, and I hope you come back to visit a lot.

Thank you all for reading. It really means something to me.


Alissa Rae King said…
LOVE IT!! everything. love.
Daniel T said…
I came out of blogger hibernation to see the new layout. Looks great!
Ball Lightning said…
Well said and I like the new look. Also I have a strange corndog craving...

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