Extra Extra! Read All About It! Girl Loses Mind in Cubicle!

Just now I was doing data entry on 4 bazillion records, and I got to a Mr. Snyder.  I giggled in my head, thinking "Can I get you anything Mr. Snyder? Good bye, Mr. Snyder" which of course is from Newsies, and of course isn't actually a funny scene. It's a rather sad scene.  Unless you're doing data entry, and then anything that makes you think of Newsies is going to be better than thinking about data entry, and will definitely be funny.

IsIt was about at this point in my train of thought that I snapped back to reality because I'd heard a voice- I'd heard somebody say "Mr. Snyda" with the accent. 

No, that wasn't somebody else, that was me.

I just said "Mr. Snyda" out loud in my cubicle for no apparent reason. And nobody said anything back. Awkward. Too late to cover, just have to go on like it never happened.


Ball Lightning said…
I love that movie, and I talk to myself sometimes.. I also worry that people think im insane, but I really have no idea how many people have witnessed my lapses in social norms.
Alissa Rae King said…
ack!!! I should have been the first comment on this!! How did I miss this?!

Anyway, I would like to think that I'm partially responsible for your lapse in internal monologue since I watched that movie four hundred thousand times for the 4 weeks that I was going to marry Christian Bale in 1992.

And that's before we ever knew he would be Batman. That's kind of sad.

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