Today's Bucket List

I pride myself on the fact that, despite my utterly frivolous ambitions, I do not have one magic gold plated and laminated bucket list. It is a list which grows and flourishes and even ebbs occasionally, when life and feelings change. Here is today's list:

1. Get my equine therapy certification.
2. Own a mobile business (food truck, art truck, music truck, what have you).
3. Write and publish a children's book.
4. Learn the guitar and write a song.
5. Pursue this mixed media art installation I've been tossing around in my head awhile.
6. Live in New York.
7. Re-discover my Spanish skills.
8. Create a night of art, food and music to give me and my girlfriends an excuse to wear/buy a cocktail dress.
9. Fix up a house worthy of someone's love and my wacky but heartfelt aesthetic.
10. Learn how to make my own green tea latte.
11. Live in Red Rock country someday.
12. Find a job that lights me.
13. Spend several weeks on an equine pilgrimage in Mongolia.
14. Please God.
15. Own a dishwasher.
16. Knit two gloves that actually look the same.


Ball Lightning said…
I laughed so hard! Great list! Thanks for sharing! Some of these are on my list as well.
Karen said…
you can cross off more than half of that list by living in New York....just sayin.

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