On Life

1. La lee laaa, I never cooked my mediterranean masterpiece because when I left work, I remembered I had no wallet (It was in Dan's vehicle) and could not buy the ingredients.  I still have ambition to make food again someday.

2. Not today. Today I am going to volunteer at the National Ability Center for the Wounded Warriors program, because I've never done it, and it sounds wonderful.  I probably won't cook again until thursday.

3. I hope my peaches last until then.

4. Dan and I went to the Zoo during the blizzard yesterday, which was wonderful because there was no one else there except for another couple, whom we only bumped into once.  We both reached the sandcat exhibit at the same time, and all watched the sandcats watching the goldfish which had been put in their cage in a jar with the lid screwed on.  The girl of the other couple remarked that the sandcats were watching the goldfish the way we watched TV, we all laughed, and I was glad we were sharing the Zoo with one other couple, as long as they were  funny.

5. It just occurred to me that we thought it was strange that the cats were watching goldfish trapped in a tank, when in fact we were humans watching cats trapped in a cage watching goldfish trapped in a tank. The watching chain makes the food chain look like childs play I tell you.

6. I have pictures. I will put them up someday.

7. I would see Rebecca Black in concert. But only on a Friday.  Because the next day is Saturday. and Sunday comes afterwards.

8.  I'm glad that Dan and I are both doing stuff now, and coming out of newlywed hibernation, but I lament that few of our newfound spring activities are together. navigating time with a person is complicated.

9. I took my first riding lesson in ten years this past saturday.  I learned some great new skills, built some confidence in the saddle, found someone that might trailer me to my favorite horse show of the season, and got my stinkin arse KICKED.  I am stupidly sore today.  I'm embarrassed to call myself a horse woman under these conditions.  Stairs and sitting down are hardest (the pain is in my quads. oh my quads.) but at least now I know EXACTLY what muscles I need to improve if I want to not look like Pink did when she rode that horse in that one music video (not pretty.) 

10. Riding is empowering.  I have truly missed it.

11. I would give anything to have a work schedule of 35 hours a week.  Why must a career doom you to spending more time in a cubicle than anywhere else? 

12. Last February, when Dan and I were dating, there was some sort of playoff occurring. probably football.  Dan bravely suggested doing something besides watching a sporting event and I bravely said "but it's the playoffs!" and Dan said "Lorraine, there are always going to be playoffs."  A years worth of ESPN watching later, I realize how very very very very true that is, and how much I wish now we'd done something else that night. 

13.  Thank you for reading, and I hope your day is full of a) warm weather or b) warm weather thoughts. 


Ball Lightning said…
Ive got plenty of warm weather thoughts. I want to be in the islands as soon as possible.

I am also jealous of your time spent in the saddle. I have not been on a horse in ages. And I have been wanting to for a long time. That and white water rafting. Pretty close right?

Alissa Rae King said…
Maybe I could find ways to sneak you September Valetine gifts, like how I send you secret messages through your blog.

Blah cubicle, yay sore legs!!
Jared said…
you watching them watching goldfish, love it! who were the goldfish watching (fish food flakes) and who was watching you? only my stinkin BACK is sore after 3 days of riding ralphy the rambunctious for the last 3 days! glad you're back in the saddle. come ride posie, she is getting fat and lazy~

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