Happy Bearth Day

It's more than just Earth Day y'all. It's a very Happy "Bearth"Day to a one Mr. Russ.

 to the man who never stops working- He can't even stop long enough for a wedding reception, he just shoveled straight through.

to the man who has all the dance moves, and at least 1 beat ahead of the rest of us.

to a man who has ridden the high seas....

and the tall ears.

to a man whose fashion sense has been praised and admired by millions of other jealous men and women alike,

and to the man to whom I owe my gratitude for my college education (and all the educations that came before it, too!) and all the other millions of things that he has provided for me, and now for Dan and I.

Happy Birthday Daddy~love you.


Ball Lightning said…
I didnt know he was a sailor!? where have i been?
madre said…
happy 'bearthday'indeed! what delicious memories all these great pics bring back. thanks for this nice trip down Memory Lane (i sound just like lawrence welk, man am i olden). LOVE YOU!!

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