Some Thoughts on Girl Scout Cookies

I have ZERO memory of ever being impressed by the entire Girl Scout Cookie thing as a child. I did not eagerly anticipate the springtime buzz of blossoming cookie stands in front of grocery markets, nor the faint knocking on my door of a shy but committed young scout.  I didn't salivate at the idea of a fresh thin mint cookie or calculate the slowest way to savor a somoa.

No.  Instead, I ate a cookie or two when my mother brought them home, utterly ignoring in my selfish childhood state the tender way in which my mother must have laid out those thin mints in glee and anticipation, eyes glowing with the reflection of purple and green boxes as if staring into a trunk of fiery rubies.

Girl Scout Cookies, my friends, are for grown ups.

Someone in my office has a daughter in Girl Scouts, and subsequently put up an order form in the kitchen some 3 weeks ago.  The AGONY.  Since putting in my order I've passed half a dozen Girl Scout stands and pined for my own boxes to come, trying to be patient.  What is it about these cookies??  Is it nostalgia for something? Is it merely the anticipation, like wating for a package in the mail?  Is there crack smothered between the caramel and the coconut? 

In the end, I think it's a "simple joy" of adulthood.  It's temporary appeasement from the monotony and hypnotic state of cubicle life that allows you to delve into the sweet and tempting treasure trove of nostalgic chocolate. Kids have it so good, and candy is such a daily part of life, that the miracle of someone bringing you cookies is rather lost on the awesomeness of childhood.  But that miracle could never, ever be lost on someone who sits at a desk all day.  It is quite literally, a sweet escape.

So I raise my office Nalgene to give a toast, to the brave little ladies who pass on these beloved treats to those of us who need it.

yes, yes I did already break into the Samoas.


Lacey J. said…
I know that feeling! I've been waiting with bated breath for my Girl Scout cookie order for weeks too! Any day now... The anticipation is killing me!
Ball Lightning said…
I am leaning towards the crack theory. I dont even like sugar and sweets but blast if I cant eat a whole roll of thin mints.
Alissa Rae King said…
I have six boxes of girl scout cookies hidden under my side of the bed that even jon knows about. Do you relaize that means i spent 24 bucks on cookies? Your right about the adult thing too, i have no memory of them as a kid, and now I am simply gleeful about them :)
Alissa Rae King said…
NOT even jon. Ugh i hate typos that ruin the punchline

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