Some Lists of Things I Think

1. I don't get why Celebrities don't think they need to or ought to look professional to go to court.  If Helena Bonham Carter gets to wear whatever she wants (and does she ever) to every awards show and farmer's market, and Celine Dion gets to wear a tuxedo backwards, can't you show up for your appearances concerning your lawlessness looking like a decent human being? And yes, this was set off by Lindsay Lohan's "taupe skin suit." ugh.

2. I can put up with various forms of workday abuse.  Long hours, lots of pressure, complicated instructions- but I have never ever dealt well with being micromanaged.  I turn into an annoyed, unpleasant and indifferent subordinate.  So how's that working for ya, boss?

3. I'm wearing the same blouse today that I wore for St. Patrick's Day when I worked on the Hill. But on the Hill, I paired it with a very bold and poor choice of matching kelly green flats, and all day long I'd wished I hadn't. This year, brown shoes. WINNNNING.

4. I made a bracket.  I let BYU make it to the second round before I envisioned Florida crushing them in agonizing defeat and Jimmer sobbing and convulsing from the three point line, wondering if he could have made just a few more shots, or if anyone else on his team felt like pitching in sometime this year.

5. Aside from the obvious annoyance of going to BYU, it must be extra annoying to be one of "those other guys" playing on the Jimmer Team. Team Jimmer. That's about as much BYU talk as I ever want to put on my blog. Go Utes. (And go my fellow Ute cousin-in-law Jen who just got a scholarship for being a beautiful ballet dancer! woo!)

6.  I figured that halfway through the eighth month of marriage, I would be at least a little more over the whole "inseparable" angle. not even a little bit.

7. Lately all I can think about is how much fun it would be to have 3 or 4 part time jobs instead of one full time job. Where you were never completely invested anywhere and never got bored.  Stupid health insurance.

8. I really really really miss having my own horse. Haven't had one in more than 10 years.  I've goofed around with Ralphie and with Duke (okay, I did really love Duke) but there's something about starting a relationship, making training goals, preparing for little schooling shows and the anticipating and motivation of achieving something with a partner. Even complete and utter failure with your own horse is a million times greater than success with someone else's.

9. My nieces and nephews are the great people in the world. No, not because they're cute, or they say the darndest things (though of course they are and they do).  They're really brilliant people who show love the way my sisters show it as mothers-a profound, complicated and earnest love-that gets jumbled up in small minds occasionally, but is always well meaning. I've never met so many grown up souls in so many tiny bodies, and I miss all of them every day.

10. Zenyatta (the racehorse) is pregnant. The legend lives on.

11. You thought this might end at 10, didn'tcha?

12. I've made grandiose attempts at a great number of things lately, and burnt myself out on all of them.  I've tried to be an extra good wife, a daily horse blogger, a photographer, an instructor-in-training, a superstar at my actual full time job, and try and think about fitting some time to see my therapist in there, too. I'm thinking it might be in my best interest to take it down a notch all around, except the wife and therapist part.  That's what I really wanted to come here and say, I just needed to build up to it.

13. I don't want to be mad at myself for failing, I want to be proud of myself for trying.

14. I'm proud of myself for trying to keep this post funny. I am not so mad that I failed. The end.

15. No, thank you for reading. Now, the end.


Ball Lightning said…
Well you took some pretty fantastic photos. Im not sure where you thought that was a failure.

You rule.

Alissa Rae King said…
Well, how about I just charge you twenty bucks for each of our phone calls, then I get money to pay my therapist, and you get to feel like you had therapy.

Unless you need to talk about me, in which case isn't that one of the reasons you got married?

And I like the way you see my kids. You should lend me those goggles!

You are a good girl.
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