Since I Don't Have My Online Crack, I Will Post More

So far, I have found that the strangest urge to resist with facebook is not defeating boredom or putting off work, but not having a place to SHARE things.  Isn't that funny?  Because of Facecrack, I have the constant urge to share every article, share every witty tidbit, share every link.  It's incredibly self-righteous seeming, isn't it?  "Oh, I loved this article on the dangers of menthol horse joint liniment, I BET THAT EVERY ONE OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS TOO! SHARE!!!!"

But you don't want to know about menthol horse joint liniment, do you?  No more than I want to know about my 10th grade penpal's weekend at the Monster Truck Rally, or the condition of that one girl's uterus, bladder, belly button and pants at 26 weeks of pregnancy who I haven't seen in 8 years.  Facebook has turned us into chronic over-sharers.

The good news is, I am trying to break that habit, and the other good news is, I have a blog.  And I DO have something to share which is neither monster truck, uterus, or liniment related.  It's just something pretty:

My sister has the most beautiful things in her Etsy shop. She makes stained glass lanterns, suncatchers, pocket mirrors and nightlights from the most lovely of antique glass slides.  This slide came to her so dear the way that it was that she decided not to interfere with its original state.  This is a slide from the late 1800s of the Thames River in England, isn't it DREAMY?  oh, and you should salivate over her other precious artwork at her Etsy shop, VintageAimee. 

I think this process has already made me more thoughtful about what I share, and what I truly seek in my soul for art and comfort through the day.  Lent is good.


Hye Soo said…
haha. I totally agree. Actually I get on facebook just so I can waste my time looking at other peoples links . . .

also I love, love, love etsy. Such cute things there and some really talented people!

Hope you are well!!

p.s. loved your wedding pics. fabulous

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