Indulge me for a moment. I saw Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.  I enjoyed Cleopatra. But Elizabeth Taylor will forever and always be to me, the completely perfect encapsulation of a girl lovesick about horses in National Velvet.  There is a scene where she shows up to the Grand National (the greatest and most dangerous steeplechase in the world) with her beloved horse The Pie, and she walks out of the horse box, stunned, marvelling at the sights and sounds of jockeys walking by, crowds of spectators and horses being moved from place to place.  She walks over to a heaping bushel of freshly blooming flowers, closes her eyes, takes a deep whiff of the air and lets out the long blissful sigh: "horses." Like every horse crazy girl, the only smell that matters is the smell of horses. 

I'm sure Elizabeth Taylor has many good friends to greet on the other side, but I'd like to think today includes a fast and furious ride on an old 4 legged co-star. Happy Trails, Liz~


Alissa Rae King said…
I bet Liz would have liked this tribute the most. It's my favorite one for sure!
madre said…
yes, this is a wonderful tribute to her. i absolutely LOVE this pic, thank you for sharing, love you!

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