The Utah Trotter

Today I am revealing an underground project that I have been researching, writing, designing and shooting for months.  I have been making contacts across the Wasatch Front, taking pictures like a mad man, and now I am finally unveiling my new project that probably only a fraction of you will find interesting, haha!

Welcome to The Utah Trotter!  This will be my blog geared towards my horse acquaintances and complete strangers alike, in an attempt to provide content for what I consider an untapped place of communication for Utah horse lovers.  There used to be a newspaper in Utah that circulated some horse news- horse shows, trainers and the sweetest little snippets of Cowboy Poetry- and the slow demise of printed media quickly did away with that Utah Horseman's staple.  I'm hoping to revive a common place for those brave horse enthusiasts who carry on despite dwindling arenas, disappearing trails, and longer drives to your faithful steed.

Is it ambitious? Yes. Is it terrifying? Much more than I thought it would be.  Will it be worth it?  Only time will tell.  But I hope it catches on, and that horse people thrive in an online community where the miles between barns and highways between trails are obsolete. 

PS-  If anyone has any suggestions (such as what to do about the somewhat painful color scheme)  I'd love to hear it!  Thanks for all your support of this tiny blog, and this other also tiny blog as it becomes (hopefully) slightly less tiny :) 


jordan.spain said…
I LOVE the website! I am so proud of you! You ROCK and does your passion for horses :)
donkeyhotey said…
i LOVE it! very impressive and a great resource for horse people. i'll send links to all my horse buds, FANTASTICO!

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