Please, Don't Invite Us Out to Dinner

You know I'm not much of the life updating type via le blog, but on occasion I like having the opportunity to share some of the crazy intentions I have for myself on a, let's say, semesterly basis.  Today, I really truly am excited about the future. 

One of the big things is that we got a new, real, entry level but wonderful SLR camera. I'm thrilled that I will finally be able to take a picture of a horse EXACTLY at the moment that I mean to (and then some at 4.1 frames per second), and have more zoom than a couple of feet. I'm stoked that I will be able to travel and be truly proud of the photos that I take. For Dan, it has video, so we will finally be able to get quality footage from his band shows and get quality photos in the low level lighting of music venues.  And, as Dan says, someday (longfromnow) when have kids (longlonglongfromnow) we will be able to preserve those memories in quality (in10yearsfromthismomentfromnow). In our current lives, it's just a way to greatly enhance all the things that we're doing for fun, but eventually, we also hope that it will be a way to greatly enhance the things we're doing for work and family, too. 

Hand in hand with that, I'm back in school! (sort of). I'm taking a bunch of short night classes right now to earn my certificate in Adobe Design, so eventually I will be a whiz with photoshop, dreamweaver, indesign, and other pertinent programs. That way if one of us ever wants a real website for something, anything, we won't have to pay someone else a million dollars to make it for us.

Next, I'm going to have to take a small break from Camp K, and start to focus my volunteer hours at an accredited facility in Park City, in hopes that in the next year, I can be certified to give lessons to individuals with disabilities. Camp K was an absolute gift in enlightening me to this world, and helping me to believe that I could do this, and now I just need to apply myself to see if this could be something that I could see myself doing in the long haul.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I really think that I could. 

And finally, in a couple weeks Dan and I and a friend are roadtripping to Portland! We're going to see the Decemberists play in their hometown, and we'll get the chance to visit a great city in an area of the country I've never been to, and can't wait to get to know better.  I'm eager for the experience, and I'm REALLY stoked to take the camera (insertgirlishSQUEALSofdelight).  Lorraineinspain is back to travelling the plain!

Also, a camera, a tuition bill and a vacation later, we are really really really poor now, so if you want to hang out with us, say so, and we will make an extra large pot of cheap pasta to share with you, sprinkled with our love.



Ball Lightning said…
Yay! you got it! I am glad you did. Now I will be super envious of your new toy and what you'll be learning in your classes!

Alissa Rae King said…
what kind of noodles? what if I don't want love on mine? can I bring some cheese if I share? you can take a picture of it with your new camera!

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